Javbest FAQs

This is frequently asked question about Javbest.tv

Javbest FAQs

  • Question: Could i watch HD videos on Javbest?

Answer: Yes! 100% you can watch 720p & 1080p resolution (full HD) on our site. Our site is also optimized for any devices.

  • Question: Can I change the resolution of a video?

Answer: Sure! You can click the setting icon to change the resolution. On Mobile, Jwplayer does not support quality switchers in IOS, only for Android.

  • Question: How can i download videos on Javbest?

Answer: At this time. We still not open the download for videos, it costs too much our bandwidth. But you can use IDM or third part to download videos on our site ( we haven’t tested).

  • Question: Javbest.tv is safe to watch?

Answer: Yes! Javbest is 100% safe to watch. Javbest values your privacy and security and would never ask you for your account password or other sensitive information. If you receive an email or a phone call from someone claiming to be from Javbest and asking for your password or sensitive information, it is not a legitimate request.

  • Question: Is Javbest free to watch?

Answer: Yes! Javbest videos are free to watch, but many now include some form of third-party advertisements. Ads may appear before a video begins, although most can be skipped after a few seconds.

  • Question: How can i change the language on Javbest TV?

Answer: Please click on the menu then click on your preferred language ( for desktop). Click three dots then click on your preferred language ( for mobile and table ).

  • Question: Why i see a messed up title or weird words on Javbest?

Answer: That’s from auto-translation and auto-detecting your country. You can click on the menu to choose the English language version to continue watch the movies.

  • Question: Why i can’t access Javbest TV?

Answer: Maybe our site is blocked on your country. Please use VPNs like ( / Nord VPN/ExpressVPN, Surfshark, Hotspot Shield, Private Internet Access… ) to access Javbest again.

  • Question: Why i can’t watch the videos?

Answer: Fristly try to change the browsers like ( Chrome, Edge, Brave, Safari, Opera,… ) then play the videos again, if still not working please change the other countries’s IP by using VPNs ( / Nord VPN/ExpressVPN, Surfshark, Hotspot Shield, Private Internet Access… ).

  • Question: Why i have to see too much ads when i watch the videos?

Answer: So sorry if you have to see too many ads when you watching videos. Ads keep our sites alive and also to cover the costs of servers, domains, bandwidth of the website. If you don’t like the advertisments you can close it by click X button on top right corner.